Firm Overview

Oakland - Alameda County Immigration Law Firm

Bean + Lloyd LLP provides representation and advice to persons seeking to secure legal residency status in the United States. Located in Oakland, California, the firm serves clients in all states and around the world.

Our attorneys focus their practice on family based immigration, complex residency status issues, immigration fraud, removal defense, and other challenging immigration matters. We are resolute in our representation of clients, and above all else seek to protect their rights and legal options. We use the law to help those who face the power of the government and the often arbitrary U.S. immigration system.

Board Certified In Immigration Law

The founder and principal of our firm, Angela M. Bean, has been recognized by her immigration law colleagues as a leader in deportation and removal defense. Since 1987, she has been board certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.

She is a past Chair of the Immigration and Nationality Law Advisory Commission of the California State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization.

Ms. Bean has successfully argued several landmark cases. In one such case — Faisal Saidane v. INS, 129 F.3d 1063 (9th Cir. 1997) — the Ninth Circuit held in favor of our client. It held that in deportation proceedings based on a charge of marriage fraud, the government's use of a damaging affidavit instead of producing the witness to testify violates the alien's right to a fair hearing.

The team of attorneys and legal professionals she leads is dedicated to protecting the rights of clients and helping them achieve their immigration and visa goals.

Attorney Referrals

Because of our reputation for obtaining results in challenging immigration cases, we often receive referrals from attorneys working in other legal disciplines as well as other immigration law firms.

Our firm frequently works with other lawyers who can provide representation for clients facing criminal charges or criminal convictions that affect residency status. We work with those attorneys to develop an coordinated legal strategy to address both the immigration and criminal aspects of a client's case.

Bean + Lloyd LLP concentrates on family immigration and removal matters. We can refer persons with employment-related immigration issues to attorneys who can provide counsel in that area of law.

For a consultation with Bean + Lloyd LLP, call 510-433-1900 or contact us online.

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