Employment-Based, Nonimmigrant Visas

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Businesses, professionals and individuals with extraordinary abilities can enter the United States in order to pursue economic and job-related opportunities under a number of employment-based, nonimmigrant visas. The immigration attorneys at the law office of Bean + Lloyd LLP assist and represent businesses and individuals in preparing paperwork, documentation and other information when applying for nonimmigrant work visas. Since companies, universities and performing arts centers must plan according to current and future needs, our lawyers are positioned to provide ongoing, consultative legal services in immigration matters than can take weeks and months to complete without legal supervision.

We can help you or your business avoid untimely delays and complications in matters related to nonimmigrant work visas. To schedule an appointment and discuss how we can help you, contact the law office of Bean + Lloyd LLP in California today.

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Our Oakland firm continues to work with businesses and individuals in obtaining the following employment-based, nonimmigrant visas:

E1 Visa

Allows a foreign national to enter the U.S. in order to conduct a substantial amount of trade. According to law, half of the trade conducted in the U.S. under the E1 visa must be with the home country of the E1 holder.

E2 Visa

Allows a foreign national who invests substantial personal funds in a business to enter the US. The business must be operating or very close to operating. In order to determine if an investment is "substantial," the State Department or Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services will apply a proportionality test to the investment planned.

H-1B Visa

Enables skilled professionals in specialized occupations to enter the U.S. in order to perform work requiring the special skills and knowledge they offer.

L-1 Visa

If a foreign company has a branch office in the US, employees can enter the U.S. under the L1 visa in order to complete special projects and assignments. In most cases, the L1 visa is used for executive- and management-level foreign employees.

TN Visa

Mexican and Canadian professionals interested in working for a U.S. employer can enter the country under the TN visa. Since the TN visa is intended for professionals, applicants must provide proof of applicable degrees, licenses or work experience.

O-1 Visa

Artists, athletes, performers and persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, entertainment and business can enter the U.S. under the O1 visa. Even though the O1 is not a "dual intent" visa, it does permit holders to apply for citizenship.

P-Class Visas

The P-class visas allow entertainers, artists and athletes to enter the country in order to participate in events, competitions or performances. P-class visas are temporary and can be applied for on an individual and team basis. The P4 visa allows holders of a P1, P2 or P3 visa to bring family members along for the duration of their stay.

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Employment-based, nonimmigrant visas are limited and can sometimes become oversubscribed. As a result, if an application is improperly prepared or delayed, you may be denied the visa for which you are applying. At the law office of Bean + Lloyd LLP, our attorneys can access real-time updates regarding visa subscriptions while we help you prepare all necessary paperwork to ensure you don't encounter delays and other complications.

If you have questions regarding work permits, PERM certifications and employment-based, nonimmigrant visas, contact the work visa attorneys at our Oakland law firm today.