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May 2013 Archives

Base, vile, depraved... and still confusing. Ninth Circuit overturns Attorney General on crimes involving moral turpitude, but leaves questions and concerns.

On May 17th, the Ninth Circuit published Olivas- Motta v. Holder, overturning the Attorney General's method to determine if an offense is a "crime involving moral turpitude" ("CIMT"). The court limited which offenses would be categorized as CIMTs, and also restricted the documents which the government can review to make that determination.

Want provisional status from CIR? Start saving now!

If Comprehensive Immigration Reform ("CIR") passes, millions of people without immigration status will have the opportunity to greatly improve their lives. By applying for a "provisional" immigrant status, they would be able to live and work here legally, eventually with the chance to become permanent residents and later citizens. Those opportunities, however, will not be cheap.

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