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¿Retrasos en la DAPA y DACA ampliado? ¿Qué hacemos ahora?

Como se ha discutido en este blog en los últimos meses, la Administración de Obama ha estado trabajando en implementar y expander el Programa de Acción Diferida para ciertos Jóvenes (DACA por sus siglas en ingles), y un nuevo programa que concede acción diferida a ciertos padres elegibles con hijos ciudadanos (DAPA por sus siglas en ingles).Para una breve explicación de estos dos beneficios, haga clic aquí.

Delays in DAPA and expanded DACA: What do we do now?

As discussed in this blog over the past several months, the Obama Administration has been working to implement an expanded Deferred Action program for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and a new program to grant deferred action to certain eligible parents of U.S. citizens (DAPA). For a brief explanation of these two benefits, click here.

Should I wait for Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

the-capitol-building.jpgIf you've been following immigration news recently, you will have heard that President Obama hopes for Congress to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) sometime within the next six months. With the excitement of the President's announcement and his efforts to get the process going quickly, many noncitizens who are currently eligible for immigration benefits are wondering what exactly they should do. Should you wait for the new law to take effect, or should you proceed with your case?

Waiting for comprehensive immigration reform? Some things to consider now.

obama.jpgA bipartisan group of eight Senators recently presented this outline for comprehensive immigration reform. In a separate speech, the President voiced his support for comprehensive reform, and detailed a similar plan, while House leaders have reportedly also been working on a bill.

Is comprehensive immigration reform coming? Early suggestions for would-be applicants.

President Obama's re-election has renewed hopes of possible comprehensive immigration reform to permit undocumented foreign nationals to obtain legal immigration status. Especially considering the impact of people of color on this election, immigration reform is getting much more Republican support than in prior years, increasing the likelihood that such legislation may pass. President Obama has said he hopes to "seize the moment", and anticipates comprehensive immigration reform legislation will be introduced in Congress shortly after the inauguration of his second term.

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