Criminal Convictions & Immigration

A criminal conviction can result in the deportation of an alien legally residing in the U.S. If you are a resident alien, are undocumented or overstayed your visa, and have been arrested on a criminal charge, you need help in two legal areas — representation for the criminal charge, and the advice of an experienced immigration attorney.

Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP represents clients with serious and complex immigration problems that result from criminal convictions, allegations of immigration fraud, deportation and removal defense, and others. We also frequently consult with criminal counsel to minimize the immigration consequences of criminal pleas and dispositions.

In the right circumstances and with experienced legal counsel, it is possible to protect your residency status. Even if you have been convicted, it may be possible for you to remain in the U.S.

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Effects Of A Criminal Conviction

A conviction on a criminal charge can have serious consequences:

  • The government may start a removal action to deport you.
  • Even if you are allowed to stay in the country, it may adversely affect your employment prospects, or you may not be granted a security clearance.
  • If the conviction involves domestic violence, you may lose your child custody or visitation rights with your children, in addition to the revocation of your visa.
  • If you are a legal resident who has a criminal conviction, you may not be able to travel abroad without losing your legal residency status.

At Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP we frequently assist clients who are facing criminal charges while on an employment-based visa.

Successfully Addressing Both Problems

For these reasons and others, it is essential that you deal effectively with both the criminal charge and the consequences for your residency status.

Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP maintains professional relationships with a number of criminal defense attorneys. We will work with these firms to make sure that they understand the possible effect of a conviction on your residency status. They may be able to reduce the charge or obtain a deferred judgment which can keep your record clean. Working with your defense counsel, our attorneys will look out for you on the immigration side as well.

Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP has successful record in the defense of clients facing removal and deportation actions. Our lawyers will vigorously protect your ability to live and work in the U.S. and your ability to travel abroad. We represent clients in California and across the nation.

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Big News- Firm Merger!

Bean + Lloyd, LLP and Park & Taylor to form Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP

We are thrilled to announce the merger of Bean + Lloyd, LLP and Park & Taylor, two highly respected Bay Area immigration law firms, beginning April 16, 2021. The new firm, Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP, combines decades of immigration experience in the subfields of family-based immigration, removal defense, asylum, humanitarian visas, and criminal immigration.

Partners Jesse Lloyd and Anita Mukherji, both certified specialists in immigration and nationality law by the California State Bar, will lead the firm. Karyn Taylor will join as Of Counsel, and Angela Bean will remain as partner and Anna von Herrmann as Of Counsel. The Park & Taylor staff will bring their two decades of experience to the team.

Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP, will maintain both its Oakland and San Francisco offices. While both offices will be temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19, our staff will still be available by phone, email, and text message, and all consultations and client appointments will continue by phone or video. We look forward to reopening physically when it is safe to do so.

Please contact us at (510) 433-1900 or with any inquiries.

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