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Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP represents clients in all types of immigration matters. Located in Oakland, California we serve clients throughout the state, across the country and around the world.

At our practice, we have one overriding mission — to help our clients and their family members achieve lawful permanent residency, defend against their removal and deportation or help them obtain citizenship in the United States, while protecting their rights and legal options. If you have questions regarding your immigration matter, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers online.

US Immigration Law Attorneys Serving the Bay Area And Northern California

Our firm represents and advises clients in immigration law matters such as:

In particular, our firm has earned a reputation as a national leader in deportation and removal defense. We have successfully protected our clients’ rights in several notable cases, including the Boer-Sedano v. Gonzales case, where we prevailed in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

We respond to clients’ requests and questions and strive to provide responsive service and immigration assistance. When clients have a problem, we act quickly to identify possible legal solutions and to obtain results for them.

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We work assertively to affirm and protect the rights of our clients. Whether you wish to reunite your family in the United States, are facing the prospect of removal or wish to become an American citizen, we can advise you.

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