Northern California Removal Defense Attorneys

Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP has earned a reputation as a leader in removal defense. In numerous challenging cases, we have succeeded in preventing the removal of clients and securing legal status for them in the U.S.

If you face a removal hearing and the possibility of deportation, we may be able to help you. Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP represents clients throughout northern California, including residents of San Jose and the Silicon Valley, with their deportation and removal defense needs.

Call us at 510-433-1900 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. Our firm represents clients in California and across the nation.

Assertive Removal Defense

In defending our clients’ rights, the firm of Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP does not yield. We use the power of the law to protect our clients from the arbitrary application or misuse of government authority.

In several notable cases, including a landmark victory in the Boer-Sedano v. Gonzales case, we have succeeded in protecting the rights of our clients.

We understand how to overcome complex immigration problems. If your case involves criminal convictions, such as DUIs or domestic violence allegations or immigration fraud, we may be able to help you.

Building a Spirit of Trust with our Clients

Many of our clients have been mistreated by the legal systems of the U.S. and their home countries. They are naturally leery of putting their trust and their future in the hands of a deportation defense attorney whom they have just met. At Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP, we take the time to understand our clients, their families and their needs. We always provide frank and honest assessments of the client’s situation. For us, the foundation of success in deportation defense begins with a strong attorney-client relationship.

A Powerful Advocate on Your Side

Though we are located in Oakland and practice in the Immigration Court in San Francisco, our firm represents clients nationwide. When needed, we travel to the court where our clients’ cases are venued, including where they are detained, such as Eloy, Arizona, or other venues, including Lancaster, California.

Whatever your deportation or removal issue, Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP will stand on your side — as a powerful advocate for justice and the rule of law.

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