Assisting Clients With Asylum Applications

In order to seek asylum in the United States, you must be recognized as a persecuted dissident or a member of an oppressed minority from your home country. The fact that life is dangerous or difficult is not enough. In order to receive asylum, U.S. immigration officials must acknowledge and recognize the danger and threat posed to you by your home government for your political activities or membership in a persecuted group.

At Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP, our lawyers consult government authorities and academic specialists in explaining to government officials the dangers posed to you and your family if you were to return to your native country. Our office prepares documentation and expert testimony on your behalf. We accompany you to any interviews or hearings with immigration officials, making sure your rights and interests are protected at all times.

Seeking asylum requires careful preparation and an understanding of how to present your case. To schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you, contact asylum attorneys at Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP today.

Who Can Apply For Asylum

While each case is different, the following groups are often eligible for asylum:

  • Iranian dissidents
  • Iraqi dissidents
  • Members of the Falun Gong
  • Opponents to China’s One Child policy
  • Palestinians
  • Political refugees from Cuba, Sierra Leone, Turkmenistan, Columbia, the Philippines, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Tibet
  • Members of Burma’s (Myanmar) National League for Democracy

Proving The Threat To You And Your Family

In order to be granted asylum, the government must be convinced you or your family would be placed in great danger if you were returned to your home country. The U.S. government is well-informed regarding human rights abuses and the actions of oppressive governments throughout the world. However, asylum is not granted simply because an individual would be returned to a land ruled by an oppressive government; rather, asylum is granted when there is proof that your government would be unable or unwilling to protect you as a political dissident or member of a group that is persecuted in your home country.

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When seeking asylum, it is important to gather evidence and provide supporting documentation or testimony. Doing so, however, requires time and careful preparation. At the law office of Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP, our attorneys have the experience and resources needed to help you make your case while avoiding deportation.

If you are seeking refuge and have questions about asylum, contact immigration attorneys at the law office of Bean, Lloyd, Mukherji, & Taylor, LLP today and schedule a meeting to discuss your case.